Directions & Visiting Guidelines

So you can arrive safely, and have a wonderful experience!

Dear Awesome, Amazing, and wonderful person that you are…
Visiting our property might be a little different than what you are used to….
We are surrounded by thousands of acres of national forest, and some amenities you are used to might not be available, or just bad for the environment…  So, we have created some guidelines to support you in having a safe, and wonderful visit in harmony with our natural little ecosystem…
Getting here…

Google 2566 Matilija Canyon Rd. 93023.  You will enter by taking a left through the big Orange Metal Gates that says “Ecotopia” on it.

Please watch out for rocks on the Matilija Canyon Road, they can be razor sharp and pop tires regularly.

GPS Directions are usually not accurate:

Since we are in a rural location, directions and roads to our place can appear differently on different maps.  Please click here for our: Map Pin to avoid any misleading directions.

When you arrive:

  • There is no cell reception in the canyon.   You’ll want to power down your phone while here, or put in Airplane mode to save your battery.So please plan accordingly.
  • Natural/Essential oil based bug repellent if you plan on using some (available at any natural food store)
  • And ecologically friendly sun-lotions if you plan to use them.
  • This is a fire hazard zone, we ask that you protect our environment by refraining from use of fire in all forms. There is a designated smoking area if necessary, if so, please ask.
  • Please leave your furry friends/pets at home!
  • Please bring a nalgen/plastic waterbottle, its important to stay hydrated!  Glass bottles can break, so please leave them at home.


Sharing with your friends and family

We want to keep the property available to the people who already know about it… It’s ok to tell your friends and family but, we respectfully ask to refrain from taking pictures and to avoid sharing on social media.

We would like to remain low key and a seekers destination.



Special Needs

We are happy to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability, as long as we can respect others and the natural environment as well…